US Open 2019 Live

US Open 2019 Live: Most of the recent big golf winners were some of the biggest names in the sport. Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka participate in the Pebble Beach Golf Links Open 2019 as the first two big winners of the season.


Over the past five years, Jordan Spit, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson have become leaders in the list of favorites.

US Open 2019 – Live

While some of the unexpected players were able to climb Pebble Beach overall due to the size of the course, favorite golfers could participate in the race to produce another stellar round, similar to the one we saw when Woods won the Masters .

without a good start, Rory McIlroy didn’t have a happy ending in the big leagues. During his four golf victories, the northern Irishman was at least five below par after 18 holes. But in 17 Grand Slam tournaments, in which he has participated since his last triumph in the PGA Championship 2014, McIlroy beat the score in the first round only three times, 69. Perhaps even more relevant than the 2011 Open Championship Winner prepares for That will be his 11th participation in the US National Championship, McIlroy won his final victory in 2015.

Thus, while attention was focused for a long time on World No. 3, which sometimes ran into the last 18 holes of tournaments, we can say that three days earlier, a less stellar game was the key most important for almost five main years. Championship disappointment. Please note that this fact is haunted by 30 years. Still concerned about McIlroy, recent successes clearly outweigh past failures. But he certainly recognizes this obvious trend in his speeches, not to mention after talking with Johnny Miller.

The 29-year-old was not only impressive in his major victories, but also played well in tournaments where he did not win first place.
At the USGA Champions’ Dinner on Tuesday evening, Miller, the unforgettable winner in Oakmont in 1973, hurried to indicate how decisive Thursday morning could be in any 72-hole tournament. A good start has always been an integral part of golf at the highest level.

The latest example of this in the main discipline is Masters, where he finished second with a final 70.
Koepka scored seven points out of 71 or less in his eight major rounds of the season. His last round, 74, in Bethpage Black, is the only exception.

For two wins at the US Open, Copecki had a lap above 72, which happened in the first round in 2018, but he bounced back from 66 the next day.

Koepka has demonstrated its ability to easily adapt to different courses and will have to repeat it on Pebble Beach.
Koepka’s only concern at the US Open is that he is ranked 103rd on the PGA Tour in terms of driving accuracy, by 61.32%. However, it ranks 10th in the green regulation rating and 14th in terms of driving distance.
If Koepka is able to accurately direct the ball into the lanes of Pebble Beach, he will fight in the first round.

You never know though. Given the current level of confidence and the huge advantage that his best performance could bring him on the Pebble Beach track, totaling only 7,075 yards, the temptation to use undeniable power will almost always be. Despite his statements on patience, McIlroy, of course, does not reject the view that the score is low.

“I see someone shoot between 65 and 66,” he said. “Pars will never be a bad score at the US Open, but you get a corner at one, a corner at three, a corner at four. Then there is par-5 sixth. And the seventh is only 110 meters. You have so many corners and opportunities to make birds. I am not going to hunt all the pins, but at the same time, this course makes it possible to make birds.

“If you play well, you do not have to settle for Pars. You can go there and go after him. That’s what I did in Congress [where he shot 16 shots at par in 2011]. The US Open does not have to face your opponents. If you feel like you can make birds, go out and see them.

This clear statement of intent is clear to the person who has reached the pinnacle of his art. And it seems that this could lead to such a start, which could lead to the fifth main title.

A year ago, Shinnekok Hills Johnson was third after Coepke and Tommy Fleetwood.
Like Koepka, Johnson occupies first place in the distance traveled and is green in the rules of the PGA Tour, but his driving accuracy is a bit inadequate. That does not prevent Johnson to perform well this season, because it ranks first on average with a score of 69,130.

Since early April, Johnson has 12 rounds in the 60s. In Masters, he recorded four runs of 70 or less, while he had four rounds of the PGA Championship in the 60s.
If he continues to play at this level, Johnson will eventually win his second major, but he has not yet determined whether or not he will be at Pebble Beach.

Johnson could play with extra motivation at Pebble Beach as he collapsed in the last round of the 2010 US Open, which allowed Graeme McDowell to win the tournament.
The combination of Johnson’s strength and extra motivation to clear his demons at Pebble Beach could lead to his first major victory since 2016.

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